MEXICO CITY (MARCH 25-29, 2018)

Call for Workshop Proposals

Call for Workshop Proposals

One of the features of the 62nd CIES Annual Conference is a series of pre-conference workshops on Sunday, March 25th. Workshops are designed to offer a space for attendees to engage with experts on issues and questions related to research, policy and practice in the field of Comparative and International Education. The vision for the workshops is to provide an interactive learning space through which attendees can enhance their skills, knowledge and understanding of distinctive topics and their application to practice, training in curricular and pedagogical approaches, research methods, and data analysis.

The CIES 2018 Conference Planning Committee invites proposals for pre-conference workshops of three or six hours in duration. Each workshop will be assigned a room to accommodate the number of participants expected. Audiovisual equipment must be requested in advance and all other material needs must be provided by workshop organizers.

Proposals for workshops are due by Wednesday, October 11, 2017This year, all proposals for workshops are to be submitted through CIES’s All Academic Proposal Management System, which will open in mid-August 2017. Workshops need not replicate the format of panel or paper sessions, but must be designed to offer primarily interactive, hands-on, or skills-based teaching and learning opportunities for participants.

All workshop proposals must include:

  • Title: the title of the proposed workshop;
  • Short Description: a 150-word summary that makes clear to potential attendees the significance of the workshop topic and what will be gained from attendance. The title and short description will appear in the promotional material if your proposal is selected;
  • Bios: short professional bios of around 50 words for each workshop leader. These bios will appear in the promotional material if your proposal is selected;
  • Workshop Rationale: a 500-750 word description of the learning objectives of the workshop, organization and delivery plan for the session to reach expected outcomes;
  • Duration and Size: the proposed duration and maximum number of participants (typically in the range of 20-40, depending on the nature of the workshop); and,
  • Special Requests: Audiovisual equipment or room set-up requests. Any special supplies will need to be provided by workshop organizers.

If the workshop is being proposed or sponsored by a CIES SIG or Standing Committee or any other organization, please also indicate this in your submission. Decisions on accepted workshops will be made before the beginning of November and workshop registration will be made available to CIES members as part of the regular conference registration process. Pre-registration will be required for all workshops at a flat daily rate of $25, which entitles the attendee to participate in up to three workshops on Sunday, March 25th.

Please contact the CIES 2018 organizers at with any questions or requests.