Accessibility and Inclusion – CIES 2018
MEXICO CITY (MARCH 25-29, 2018)

Accessibility and Inclusion

The Comparative and International Education Society and the organizers of the 62nd CIES Annual Meeting are committed to offering a welcoming and accessible environment for all. See below for procedures and resources that are in place to ensure that the diverse needs of our attendees are met.

Hotel Accommodations
If you require an ADA compliant or accessible hotel room and plan to stay at the Hilton Reforma Hotel, please let the hotel know this directly during your room reservation process. The CIES 2018 reservation block for the Hilton Reforma Hotel will open on October 2, 2017. Regarding conference accessibility, please make sure to indicate any special needs when you fill out the CIES 2018 Conference registration form and contact for questions.

Transportation and Mobility Assistance
All CIES 2018 events will be held either at the Hilton Reforma Hotel, whose facility meets ADA compliance requirements, or museums with elevator and ramp access. For more information on the accessibility features of the Hilton Reforma Hotel, please see their website here:

While not all public transportation stations are wheelchair accessible, the Metrobus system and specially equipped taxis are accessible by wheelchair. For specific questions regarding transportation and mobility in Mexico City, please contact the hotel concierge as a resource.

Guidelines for Accessible Presentations
As you prepare your CIES presentation, it will be helpful to keep in mind how you might enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of your communications to reach a variety of audience members. As a presenter, chair, discussant or conference participant, you play a central role in ensuring that sessions and learning opportunities at the conference are accessible, inclusive and engaging.

For some helpful tips on how to create engaging and accessible presentations, you can visit the following sites: and Session organizers and chairs are encouraged to make participants aware of helpful presentation guidelines both before and during conference sessions.